Join us as we welcome Richard Hammar to Gateway Seminary on September 18.

Richard Hammar, attorney, CPA, and senior editor of Christianity Today’s ChurchLawAndTax.com, specializes in legal and tax issues and is a is nationally known thought leader, expert, and author.

Guests will explore the latest emerging trends in ministry, such as:

  • HR trends in ministry

  • Legal trends in ministry

  • Ministry Operations trends

Tickets & seating are limited to 350 attendees. There will be no external streaming or recording of this event. 
Speaker materials will be issued at the time of the event or afterward via followup email. 


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Speakers, subjects, times & locations may be subject to last-minute
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8:00     Registration & Coffee

8:30     Opening Session Remarks, featuring David "Fletch" Fletcher

9:00     Keynote Session 1 – Richard Hammar, Church Law & Tax

10:30  Break

11:00  Keynote Session 2 – Kathleen Turpin, Brotherhood Mutual

11:45  Lunch (Please indicate meal preference at time of ticket purchase.)

12:30  Breakout Session 1

2:00     Break

2:15     Breakout Session 2

4:00     Adjourn

Seating in the sanctuary to hear Mr. Hammar is limited, and will

be assigned on a first-purchased, first-served basis.

Later and last-minute registrants may be seated in adjacent 
rooms on site.

**** Please notify us if you need any special accommodations and

we will do our best to assist you. ****


Richard Hammar, ChurchLaw&Tax.com

Keynote Session Title: 2019 Legal & Risk Management Briefing for Church Leaders

Session Synopsis: Renowned church legal expert Richard Hammar, co-founder and senior editor of Christianity Today's ChurchLawAndTax.com, will provide a detailed update on the key legal and risk management developments confronting churches, clergy, employees, and volunteers. Hammar will cover the top reasons churches and religious organizations went to court during 2018, plus address significant court decisions, administrative agency advisories, and current events affecting both the day-to-day management and strategic leadership of local congregations.


Kathleen Turpin, Brotherhood Mutual

Keynote Session Title: Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Post #MeToo

Session Synopsis:  Allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct can blindside a Christian ministry. The emotional toll, as well as financial and reputational damage, can be devastating to a church. It’s simply not enough to acknowledge the issue. Organizations must take bold steps when implementing effective policies and procedures to help avoid misconduct or harassment.

  • Recognize the differences between sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

  • Identify the ministry’s role in preventing sexual harassment or responding to allegations of sexual harassment.

  • Understand the scope of sexual misconduct and the critical steps to prevent it in the ministry setting.

David "Fletch" Fletcher, XPASTOR.ORG

Emcee | Master of Ceremonies

Fletch brings an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. He’s a friend and “church doctor.” He brings biblical principles and best practices to your church’s unique culture and setting. Founded in 2003 by David Fletcher, XPastor is a principal resource for executive leaders in a complex church world. For 35 years, Fletch of the Hey Fletch column, led churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with camps, schools, apartments and cafés. His fourth book is Predators in the Church (August  2019). 


Robert Brockman, Daley & Heft, LLC

Session Title: Personal Liability of Board Members and Ministry Leadership


Session Synopsis: Learn about personal liability when it comes to board members and ministry leadership: 

  • When is an officer or director exposed to personal liability?

  • What is the required fiduciary duty of care?

  • What is the business judgment rule and how does it work?

  • Expectations of officers and directors under the business judgment rule.


Robert Tyler, Tyler & Bursch, LLC

Session Title: Ever-Changing Employment Law in California 


Session Synopsis: Find out what’s new and what’s on the legislature’s 2019-2020 agenda. This session will cover:

  • Sexual Harassment Training Now Required

  • Lactation Accommodation Now Required

  • Parental Leave and Baby Bonding


Independent Contractor Rules 

  • Major Change in Law

  • Musicians/Part-Time Ministers – Are they really classified as Independent Contractors?


Employment Manuals – Important provisions 

  • Job Descriptions – Your defense begins here 

  • Wrongful Termination/Ministerial Exception

  • Social Media – Policies for Employees and Ministry Representatives (Moral Standards)


Wage and Hour Claims 

  • Volunteers and Employees Who Volunteer in Ministry 

  • Work off the Clock

  • Meal and Rest Breaks 


Michael Porrazzo, The Porrazzo Law Firm

Session Title: Trends for Churches & Schools: A Q&A Free-for-All


Session Synopsis: Join Michael Porrazzo for an almost-anything goes Q&A session about the law, churches, and schools.

Max Herr, California Southern Baptist Convention

Session Title: Ministry Governance & Corporate Compliance Issues


Session Synopsis: Discover more about the relationship of a church's Bylaws to civil society. Bylaws and Policies & Procedures are the most important documents a church must have once it is incorporated, even more so than a personnel handbook (at least until a church has five or more employees).  Vague, ambiguous, and weak Bylaws are not protective of the church, and encumbering Bylaws with elements which are not governance, which should be found in Policies & Procedures instead, reduce the flexibility of the church to adjust to changing circumstances.  

David "Fletch" Fletcher, XPastor.org

Session Title: Q&A with an Executive Pastor (Session 1 only. No second session available.)

Session Synopsis: Ask Fletch about the challenges facing your ministry and he'll give you an answer based on his 35 years, Fletch leading churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with camps, schools, apartments and cafés. His fourth book is Predators in the Church (August 2019). Fletch brings an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. He’s a friend and “church doctor.” He brings biblical principles and best practices to your church’s unique culture and setting.

Monty Kelso, slingshoT GROUP

Session Title: How to Bring Out the Best in the Millennials You Lead

Session Synopsis: Know risk know reward...trust the experiment. Create a pathway for future wins.

What is most important to Millennials?

  1. Cause

  2. Advancement 

  3. Community 

  4. Flexibility 


What they need most from leaders:

  1. Vision 

  2. Trustworthiness/authenticity 

  3. Belief  “I believe in you”

  4. Advocacy “she/he can do it”

  5. Partnership. “What if we did it together”


How do you recognize future leaders?

  1. Hungry

  2. Humble 

  3. Smart

  4. Healthy

Leslie DeMattia, DeMattia Consulting

Session Title: Tackling Terminations and Forced Retirements


Session Synopsis: Dive in and learn how to handle the art of terminations whether for cause, fit, or a nudged retirement. Learn how to work with “at-will” in the termination process.


Keith Clark-Hoyos, Church Training Center

Session Title: Church Financial Systems That Work


Session Synopsis: Join ministry finance expert, Keith Clark-Hoyos as he provides an overview of what needs to be done to secure your church’s resources, protect your volunteers, and effectively communicate your financial story.

  • Learn about the growing number of fraud cases in churches & ministries.

  • Explore the unique challenges for churches & ministries.

  • Discover how to identify windows of opportunity for would-be thieves and how to close those windows.

  • Find out how to protect volunteers through segregation of duties.

  • Learn how we can effectively communicate about your church’s financial story.


Matthew Boomhower, Southern Cross Property Consultants

Session Title: Zoning Violations, Code Enforcement, & Other Unfortunate Interactions between Churches and Local Government


Session Synopsis: Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. - Romans 13:1

In the past year, SCPC has been working with an alarming number of churches who are being cited by local authorities for municipal code violations which can result in significant unplanned expenses, fines/penalties, and possibly the need to relocate or close the church. This session will explore:

  • How the local jurisdiction becomes involved

  • Common mistakes that churches make that open them up to enforcement, including:

  • Planning and Zoning Issues

  • CUP Violations

  • Occupancy Issues

  • Un-Permitted Alterations

  • Fire Code Violations

  • Ways to identify your risks and to come into compliance 

Buzzy Castonguay, C4 Operations

Session Title: Technology for Risk Management, Online Training, Background Checks & More ...

Session Synopsis: Find out how technology can help your ministry be more effective with less through the My Ministry Checks portal. 


Session Title: Protect Ministry: Promote Missions

Session Synopsis: Get a breakdown of how promoting missions can help protect your ministry in the long run.

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